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City-wide Scavenger Hunt

FUN all around! The University’s first Scavenger Hunt, which took place on September 21st, 2013, was a total success! Over 80 people participated for a total of 20 teams. Once everyone was back safe and sound, they enjoyed some good music while enjoying a plentiful Bar-B-Q. The grand prize winners of the day were “The Press Corp” who managed a score of 99%!!!!
Scavenger Hunt.1 2013 WEB       Scavenger Hunt.2 2013 WEB
Scavenger Hunt.3 2013 WEB   Scavenger Hunt.4 2013 WEB
Scavenger Hunt.5 2013 WEB   Scavenger Hunt.6 2013 WEB
     Grand prize winners: The Press Corp!!

Check out the album on our facebook page.

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