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Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day! On April 22, 2014, the University of Sudbury representatives went to École secondaire du Sacré-Coeur for the festivities. Together, the significance of the day was underlined with a sharing of information and the symbolic gesture of planting a few seedlings. Since the ground was still frozen, the actual planting of the 100 trees to commemorate the University’s centennial took place on May 27th, 2014. A sincere thank you to Collège Boréal for their generous donation of those 100 trees!

Earth Day 2013.1        Earth Day 2013.2
Front row - right to left: Melissa Gallipeau; Alex Zannier; Miranda Lavoie and Damiano Bortolotto
Back row: Patrick St-Germain
  Right to left: Melissa Gallipeau; Miranda Lavoie; Damiano Bortolotto; Patrick St-Germain; Alex Zannier; Gérald Michel (Chancellor, University of Sudbury); and André Bidal (Chair of the CSCNO)

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