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Kevin FitzMaurice - Associate Professor

Tel.: 705-673-5661 ext. 410

  • Ph.D. Indigenous Studies, Trent University
  • M.A. Canadian – Indigenous Studies, Trent University
  • B.A. Political Science, Queen's University
  • B.Comm. University of Ottawa
Areas of specialization
  • Indigenous – Settler Political Relations, Reconciliation Studies, Criminal Justice and Family Law, Indigenous Governance and Urban Studies, Media Studies, Indigenous Research Methods, Housing and Homelessness, and Indigenous Critical Theory.
Courses taught
  • INDG/POLI 3105 Canadian Law, Politics and Indigenous People
  • INDG 3116 Indigenous People and the Criminal Justice System
  • INDG 3117 Social Policy, Family Law and Indigenous Peoples
  • INDG 3215 Indigenous Community Based Research Methods
  • INDG 3056 The City as Home: International Perspectives on Indigenous People in Urban Centres
  • INDG 3066 Indigenous People in Canadian Urban Centres
  • INDG 3226 Indigenous Critical Theory
  • INDG 2136 Indigenous Political Resistance in Canada: An Integrated Media Analysis
Current areas of research interest
  • Dr. Kevin Fitzmaurice is an Associate Professor with Indigenous Studies at the University of Sudbury, where he specializes in Indigenous-Settler political relations, Urban Indigenous Studies, and Indigenous Critical Theory. He is presently a Regional Co-Director for the SSHRC ‘Urban Abori­ginal Knowledge Network’ national research, a North Eastern Ontario Lead with the National Centre for the Collaboration on Indigenous Education, and a Co-Investigator on Indigenous homelessness and the urban Native housing program in Ontario with the Poverty, Homelessness and Migration Study. As well, he was a Research Associate for the 2011 Toronto Aboriginal Research Project (TARP) and the 2007 Ontario Urban Aboriginal Task Force (UATF).

For further information on Dr. Fitzmaurice's research activities, please see the following:
1) The Urban Abori­ginal Knowledge Network:
2) The National Centre for the Collaboration on Indigenous Education:
3) The Poverty, Homelessness and Migration Study:
4) The Toronto Aboriginal Research Project (TARP):
5) The Ontario Urban Aboriginal Task Force:

Recent publications

For PDF copies of Dr. Kevin Fitzmaurice's work, please visit his profile page on 

  • Fitzmaurice, K 2019. Biinidsa: Going Home to Clean Up in Eds. Hankard. M. The Clean Place: Honouring Indigenous Spiritual Roots of Turtle Island. J.Charlton Publishing. Vernon. B.C
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